Lima is the capital of Peru, and is home to over 8 million people.


We came across a home in Lima that houses over 100 patients - men and women of all ages - that are very sick from cancer. The residents of this home are from the highlands of the Andes and the jungle and they are very poor. Two floors of this home are lined with bunk beds with about 1 foot between beds on all four sides. The men and women that live in this home go to a public hospital to receive care. We visit this home each week and take large sacks of potatoes and rice and other foods. We spend several hours loving these people through conversation and prayer.


Lost Children of Peru works with two groups of street children. One group consists of boys that are actively living on the streets, usually under bridges or in abandoned buildings. The lives of these boys consist of stealing to live and sniffing glue to numb their pain. We go into a building where some of these boys live once a week with water so the boys can shower and wash themselves. We wash their clothes for them and rotate them out each week. We also feed them, play soccer with them, and have a bible study and pray with them.

The other group consists of boys who at one time lived on the streets, but now live in an old building where the French government provides a roof, bed, food and school. We go to this building once a week and minister to these boys by bringing them shoes, clothing, and lunch and by praying with them and doing a bible study. Sometimes we take them out to the beach for a day or to a movie or play soccer with them. Both groups of boys are abandoned and are not in orphanages because there is no room.